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    CMMS Support 

    Following a maintenance optimization, most organizations seek help in implementing the results of the studies. Implementation can mean procedure development, training, but mostly involves supporting modifications to the data used to manage maintenance in the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). Maximo« and SAP are the best known CMMS products.

    Loma Consulting and its cadre of experienced personnel and subcontractors provide a wide range of services in CMMS implementation. (CMMS).  These services include the following:

    * failure code development - these codes provide an opportunity to classify corrective maintenance (Loma also provides support in developing types of maintenance work for CMMS) and to trend failures and repairs to identify "bad actors" that may require modification to the maintenance paradigm. The changes are the classic asset management changes - changes to PM strategies, design changes or operations changes, or partial or wholesale replacement or refurbishment.

    * business process analyses - maintenance involves two concepts: doing the right work (driven by RCM and Asset Management) and doing work right - driven by business processes. Without appropriate business processes, the best maintenance strategies are doomed to inefficiency to outright failure.

    * preparation of asset and preventive maintenance data for input. Each CMMS has established fields for data input. Loma will work with your legacy systems (and prepare data from RCM studies) to assist in inputting both asset registry data (the characteristics of the asset, such as make/model, voltage, etc.) and preventive maintenance tasks: job plans, spare parts stocking and identification, intervals/triggers and others. Loma can also assist in identifying metering and condition monitoring points for recording and trending performance.