Experienced Team

Maintenance and Reliability have soared in importance in recent years. No company will be able to replace equipment as easily as in the past - no one will be able to buy new cars every three years like people did in the 1960s. So equipment is going to have to last...until the last drop of value is squeezed out. Organizations going deeper into maintenanace and reliability will need help - there is more work than practitioners. Every company has added "reliability engineers" to its staff, but that will not be enough.

Loma understands this. We have built a network of experienced maintenance and reliability personnel who can aid companies on a shorter term or long term basis. People who have built programs, managed technicians, and who have "walked the walk".

For our projects, we build an experienced team whose members have worked for a variety of traditional consulting firms and are now available for the clients of Loma Consulting. We also collaborate with experienced subcontractors, based on the needs of our clients. We do not have senior folks sell the work, then use junior employees to perform the work (unless it is IT related). We believe we have created the opportunity to provide higher quality service with lower overhead than larger, better known firms.

Our team members have years of experience in applying our services to many types of industrial facilities. Our strengths begin with power plant systems and high voltage electrical transmission systems, but our teams members have also worked in the pharmaceutical, water, oil and gas, and metals industries.

Areas of expertise include Reliability-Centered Maintenance, Root Cause Analysis, Condition Monitoring, Asset Management and many others. Our members have been involved with RCM since working on the original projects to bring RCM from the airline industry to the electric power community. Our experts are listed to the left. We also maintain relationships with a number of other companies Associations.   

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